Consumer Unit and Fuse Board Replacements

Is your electrical consumer unit due a replacement? Upgrade your unit and you’ll be making your home safer. 

Also known as a fuse board, your consumer unit is a convenient enclosure which houses switches and circuit boxes designed to distribute and control electricity around your home or business.

When carrying out a consumer unit upgrade, common practice is to complete a full electrical safety inspection and test of the property, before the existing unit is removed. I’ll then ensure any faults or non-compliances with current regulations are discovered and rectified before any work is carried out. 

Not sure if your’s needs replacing – or have a question or two you’d like the answer to? Take a look at some of my frequently-asked questions:

Can Adlin Smart Electrical carry out safety checks on consumer units?

Of course! In fact, it’s good practice to ensure your home electrics are checked every 10 years – and as soon as possible if you’ve recently moved into a new property. If yours is a business premises, meanwhile, you should probably have them checked more often.

Our safety checks here at Adlin Smart Electrical involve visual inspections of your equipment, followed by necessary testing. Helping us identify any possible dangers or faults before they may occur, consumer unit checks are vital for your peace of mind.

I have an old fuse board; do I need to have it replaced?

No, you’re okay on that front. If you have an old consumer unit that’s showing no signs of damage, it won’t need be replaced. Although, if you plan to make some changes – such as adding more sockets or lighting – it may need to be replaced to allow for more circuits and to include RCD protection.

What exactly is an RCD?

An RCD automatically knocks off the electricity when it detects a fault. The benefit of these is that they significantly reduce your chance of receiving a fatal electric shock, in the instance that you touch something live (such as a bare wire) or cut through a live cable.

I’d like some new sockets installed; do I need to upgrade my consumer unit?

Possibly not, no. In order to comply with current safety regulations, most new circuits need to include RCD protection.

If your consumer unit already includes RCD protection – and can safely take the new extra load – you shouldn’t need to upgrade it.

Ready for an upgrade? Adlin Smart Electrical can install new and replacement consumer units, which are both fully tested and registered with your local council, meeting the current IEE wiring regulations BS 7671. A full electrical safety inspection is carried out on the property on completion. If you need to upgrade your consumer unit – if, for example, you require more capacity for additional circuits, or you would just like to bring it up to current standards and increase safety – we can help.

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