Electrical Safety Inspections and Testing

You’ve purchased a new home or would like to ensure your current property is safe. First things first: an electrical safety inspection. After all, it could be one of the best investments you make. 

Take a look at some frequently asked questions below, to discover why you might need an electrical safety inspection:

Combining a series of tests and visual checks to determine the overall state and safety of your electrics, an electrical safety inspection can vary widely, usually depending on the property type.

At Adlin Smart Electrical, I’ll carry out safety inspections and testing predominantly to discover if they are still in a safe state to use.

Why are they important?

Adlin Smart Electrical safety inspections can reveal potentially dangerous electrical hazards and faults. In most cases, when wiring or equipment has been installed incorrectly, they can appear to be working ok, but can create potential electrical hazards when faults occur. 

What do electrical inspections by Adlin Smart Electrical entail?

  • Visual inspections of cabling and equipment
  • Sound termination of wires and cabling
  • Inspection of metering equipment and meter tails
  • Fuse board and consumer unit inspections and testing
  • Correct cable size and equipment installed for circuit rating
  • Earth continuity checks and main earth bonding inspections
  • Lighting and socket outlet inspections.
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Socket ring main configuration checks and testing

How long does an inspection take?

It all depends on the size of the property and the amount of installed equipment. For an average 3 bedroom property it normally takes between half a day to a day. 

What happens when the inspection is complete?

I will complete an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) detailing all findings and what has been tested, then go through the report with you. Any faults found will be dealt with as a matter of priority, or even completed there and then, depending on their severity. 

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