Electrical Safety Inspections and Testing

If you’re moving to a new property, renovating your current one, or have not had an inspection in some time, investing in a full electrical safety inspection is important to guarantee the safety of your home, to prevent potential damage to electrical equipment, fire hazards or in the worst case, personal injury. 

Each inspection we undertake is tailored to the specific property, and will include a series of tests and visual checks to determine the overall state and safety of your electrics. For the average sized home, it takes between a half to a full day in total.

Inspections include:

  • Visual inspections of cabling and equipment
  • Sound termination of wires and cabling
  • Inspection of metering equipment and meter tails
  • Fuse board and consumer unit inspections and testing
  • Correct cable size and equipment installed for circuit rating
  • Earth continuity checks and main earth bonding inspections
  • Lighting and socket outlet inspections.
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Socket ring main configuration checks and testing
  • Full report on repairs or replacements needed

Even if you have not experienced any specific electrical problems to date, it’s important to be aware that faulty equipment or incorrectly installed wiring may appear to work properly for a period of time, but can develop into a hazard without warning. At this point the consequences can be severe.   

You may also require a qualified electrician to inspect your electrical systems as a condition of your home insurance. Don’t wait until you need to make a claim to find that out!

On completion, you will receive an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) detailing all findings and what has been tested, which we will walk you through to ensure you understand the detail. If any action needs to be taken, we will prioritise it based on the severity of the issue, always providing you with transparent pricing up front.

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